Our philosophy

Accept responsibility

„Every person carries social responsibility, especially those who have it better than others.“

Here at Ducatus, we do this responsibility justice. The group of companies, the shareholders and all active business partners contribute their share to this. It is our common goal to increase the understanding of social responsibility.  In addition to international projects, each of our partners is also encouraged to become socially engaged on site.

Fast and easy help

„It is as simple as this“

The Ducatus group of companies, for its part, presents projects and provides support with company funds. If a business partner likes any of the projects, they can donate to them directly via this platform.


Business partners from all countries in the world have the same possibility. They propose projects that are especially close to their hearts. Such projects are published on this website. If their share in the charity pool is insufficient for financing the desired project alone, we promote the project in the entire organisation. Each of our business partners gives what they like. A large number of small donations helps move great things and provides valuable help.